Pre Primary (Twinkle-Twinkle)

  • Pre - Primary education is a preparatory phase of child’s life, where children adapt basic social skills and learning happens at iconic level.
  • At RAJAT EDUCATION SOCIETY, we focus on developing healthy attitude, values, skills, critical thinking, communication, creativity, and socio-emotional context.
  • We are laying the foundation for decent and healthy habits, personality development, Values and Morality.
  • At Pre-Primary stage, children are curious and excited about the colors, shape, sounds sizes, animals, fruit and picture, to keep this curiosity alive we provide divers activities which will cater their emotional, cognitive and psychomotor requirements.
  • At RAJAT child learns to adapt different Environmental conditions.
  • The learning environment, Teaching learning process, curricular and co-curricular Activities provided in this premises is based on the philosophy of child centeredness.
  • At RAJAT we provide skill book & workbook to reinforce terms & concepts to them through adequate practice.
  • With cognitive development RAJAT also focuses on socio-emotional development of child
  • Basic lingual skills such as LSRW are focused during Teaching learning process.
  • Audio visual aids makes learning a vibrant experience for all kinds of learner.
  • The Activities experiences values and skill makes your child future ready.
  • Extracurricular activities gives opportunity to your child to prepare for life.

Popular Courses


The First of your child’s education life early child Education is need of time. The Activities, experiences values & skill that serves children in their preschool years can prepare your child for life


Primary education act as a bridge between early child education & middle school these are preparatory years where your child develop competencies & Skill appropriate to their age


This stage of education Shaping Personality is important aspect of teaching tearing Process All the domains of personality like physical, lingual, emotional Social & Cognitive development is catered during these years.

Higher Secondary

The skills & competencies developed during these years will shape yours words future. The actual direction is given in these years.


Robotics is an integral part If your child loves to tinker and would enjoy learning about STEM in a concrete way.


Olympiad exams are all about bringing the best out of children. Some of the benefits include problem-solving ability, analytical thinking and testing student's aptitude.

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