Primary (Worship English Medium School)

  • Primary education act as a bridge between early child education where your child develop competencies & Skill appropriate to their age.
  • At RAJAT we believe that each child is unique & different.
  • We encourage your child to explore multiple face of his/her personality
  • An education Program that focuses on activities and experiential learnin.g
  • Early all round and Holistic development.
  • At RAJAT Primary section all academic programs have been designed to develop thinking skills and knowledge building.
  • The curriculum encourages students to engage in 21st century Life skills such as Problem solving, Being Responsible, Time Management and Creative Thinking.
  • At RAJAT, The Activities and Competitions conducted by teachers focus on providing equal opportunity to all students to participate and Perform.
  • We focus on developing decent and cultured personality.
  • Primary Stage is most adaptive stage of whole educational years. The skill developed and values learned during these years are long lasting and helps in developing responsible citizen.
  • By inculcating ICT Skills we develop our students to cop up with the competitive world.
  • Specially developed Coding and Robotics curriculum encourages students to learn 21st century technical skills.
  • Cognitive, Socio- Emotional, Psychomotor skills are develop through different activities arranged during Teaching learning process of Subject such as Science, Maths, SST and Languages.

Popular Courses


The First of your child’s education life early child Education is need of time. The Activities, experiences values & skill that serves children in their preschool years can prepare your child for life


Primary education act as a bridge between early child education & middle school these are preparatory years where your child develop competencies & Skill appropriate to their age


This stage of education Shaping Personality is important aspect of teaching tearing Process All the domains of personality like physical, lingual, emotional Social & Cognitive development is catered during these years.

Higher Secondary

The skills & competencies developed during these years will shape yours words future. The actual direction is given in these years.


Robotics is an integral part If your child loves to tinker and would enjoy learning about STEM in a concrete way.


Olympiad exams are all about bringing the best out of children. Some of the benefits include problem-solving ability, analytical thinking and testing student's aptitude.

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