Secondary (Rajat High School)

At this Stage of education child is aware about the aims and objectives set for the future also parents are aware about the challenges and hurdles of future life . this is the educational age where career choices are made and now it’s the right time to develop the future ready personality. To Achieve such goal the School system, teacher, parent and student starts their journey together toward bright future.

  • At RAJAT, We focus that all the domains of personality like physical, lingual, emotional, social & cognitive development is catered during these years.
  • Holistic approach of teaching learning process and constructive learning environment
  • Special focus on LSRW skill
  • Preparation for competitive exam
  • Weekly test specially designed focusing skills
  • Parent's meet at every month end to discuss student's progress
  • Well experienced and highly qualified professionals
  • Individualized guidance
  • Parent Communication with the help of Kidconnect
  • CCTV surveillance
  • Development of life skill through value and life skill education
  • To be future ready and keep yourself updated, we provide General Knowledge as a subject
  • Value education and life skill learning is added to develop their personality and sense of social responsibility
  • Especially for the students of Gr. IX and Gr. X, Teachers take extra classes, weekly test, monthly test, monthly parents meet.
  • Also we provide special personal guidance & counseling.

Popular Courses


The First of your child’s education life early child Education is need of time. The Activities, experiences values & skill that serves children in their preschool years can prepare your child for life.


Primary education act as a bridge between early child education & middle school these are preparatory years where your child develop competencies & Skill appropriate to their age.


This stage of education Shaping Personality is important aspect of teaching tearing Process All the domains of personality like physical, lingual, emotional Social & Cognitive development is catered during these years.

Higher Secondary

The skills & competencies developed during these years will shape yours words future. The actual direction is given in these years.


Robotics is an integral part If your child loves to tinker and would enjoy learning about STEM in a concrete way.


Olympiad exams are all about bringing the best out of children. Some of the benefits include problem-solving ability, analytical thinking and testing student's aptitude.

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